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Billdoo offers a billing software that combines Invoicing, Billing and Inventory management. It is the most innovative from other countries billing softwares for eg – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hongkong, Brunei, India and other south-east Asian countries because it has features like smart and integrated billing, easy interface and totally free billing to upgrade options.

Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose the Best Billing Software for Your Business

Before choosing a billing software, one should consider some important things before making the crucial decision. You should learn how this software is great for small businesses. Your employees will not need training on this simple software as its interface is smart and interactive. With Billdoo POS system, all billing tasks are handled from day one.

Reliable Billing Management Software

When you purchase a billing software, it should be well-made to handle any situation. It should not have any lags or crashes when it’s used for handling your business needs. Provides customers with personalized loyalty benefits.

Hundreds of Billdoo POS’s customers have given the software a 5-star rating in customer satisfaction and reliability.

Cloud-Based Billing and Inventory Management System.

Your billing software must have a cloud storage option for faster computing. You understand the cloud through your smartphones and should see it as an advantage in your billing system. Billdoo’s system smartness proactively implements a cloud-based infrastructure to eliminate the risk of failed hardwares and natural catastrophes affecting your data.

Hardware and Payment supports

Order an accounting software that supports different types of payments, from credit cards to online ones. This eliminates the risk of a dissatisfied customer and provides confidence to your billing team.

Billdoo offers support for all payment methods, including credit cards and cash. This makes it ideal for billing and inventory management because it is compatible with barcode scanners and other POS hardware.

Several Tax development policies affecting Digital Sales in South-East Asia Economy

Digital sales in South-East Asia are continuing to grow, and with that growth comes changes in taxation. In particular, Vietnam and Indonesia have both introduced new VAT rates on digital sales, while Thailand is considering doing the same. In Thailand, a 10% VAT was introduced in 2019, but it was later reduced to 7%.  In Indonesia, 10% VAT  introduced on e-commerce transactions, effective from July 2020. This could have a significant impact on businesses operating in the region, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. Finally, in Vietnam, the government has issued new guidance on the taxation of digital products and services. This includes clarifying that VAT is payable on such transactions.

One of the most important is the introduction of a new value-added tax (VAT) on digital products and services in Malaysia. This has led to an increase in the cost of digital goods and services in the country. Another significant development is the imposition of a new tax on online advertising in Indonesia. This has made it more expensive for businesses to advertise their products and services online.

The most notable development is the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia. This tax is applied to all digital products and services sold in the country. The GST has been criticized by some as it makes digital products and services more expensive. However, the government has defended the tax, arguing that it will help to raise revenue and reduce the country’s deficit.

GST enabled smart billing and inventory management software

Billdoo simplifies Tax filing and smart billing. Setup a tax code and get GST Reports according to IRAS requirements. GST enabled Point of Sale solution for Desktop, Tab and Android devices. Enjoy the ease of a powerful system that provides retailers with quick and accurate calculations of GST levied taxable amounts for their customers.

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Billdoo enables effective inventory management with real-time data of what is in stock. The software also provides mobile app integration, so you can use your phone to update or sell products. It comes with its own mobile application. With the Billdoo’s hybrid model, you never need to leave your office; you can be in and out the door, always working on your business. Give your company complete control with multi-warehouse distribution. Customize each sales channel in order to only show inventory from one warehouse.

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